Toria, United Kingdom

Dear Brett, I hope you don’t mind my dropping virtually by with a little note, I just wanted to write a little thank you to say how much I enjoyed your book, Pacific Prep, Bloodlines! Yvonne loaned me it.  She’s become one of my best friends this past year and I hope it’s also ok to say, she’s bloody brilliant and you must be well proud of her.  I know she’s proud of you and your book.   What a great surprise it was too, I don’t know what I expected but I didn’t expect to get so connected to the characters and to be hooked! I could not put it down, I was invested into your characters straight off.   I loved the Rathbone estate description, it somehow stuck in my mind, as If I were able later in my day to fly there by thinking.   I feel by now I know Jackson, Rebecca and Scott, I felt for them, felt myself thinking of them later as I put the book down, and to me that is a mark of a fantastic book.  Something that makes us think later when the book is over, as the characters have insinuated themselves into the lines and fabric of my life now. I have always wanted to write a book and never had that ‘ability’ some how to put it all together, to balance detail and tell/show.  I don’t know what the secret ingredient is really, but I know I felt it in your writing and I just wanted to send this little note your way via Von, to say “Keep going” as I want more of this, and if I do, that must mean other readers will?!    I love that line too that feeds into the book and through it, and also the lives of so many of your readers, I bet, “It took tragedy to see that I’m blessed” Thank you, I would love to read more, whatever you write next x