SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT A special edition cover of my latest novel, BLOODLINES, is coming out for preorder this week and is set to print starting November 22nd!!! This edition is extra special to me and ALL PROCEEDS benefit suicide prevention efforts. Losing my brother in May to suicide is one of the hardest things I’ve ever…


My Motivation <3

Some know that back in 2013, after the loss of my best friend Jessica Jaros Davis, I started writing THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN, which has since become PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES. What most don’t know is that after hitting 91 pages and deciding to dedicate the story to my friend, my mom Denise Zangaro was the…

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Those tears are supposed to come when you part from a relationship, and one day you will see that they were never tears of sadness but of happiness.  - Denise, FINDING DEVIN

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Will you walk with me on the clouds or fall away like the rain? - Dylan, Secrets Kill

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My Pledge of Allegiance

”I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United State of American and to The People it was designed to protect, the rights for which it demands, one nation everlasting, with liberty and justice for All 🇺🇸” – Brett’s Patriot Pledge

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Please Leave a Review

I want to thank you for even considering my novel, BLOODLINES, and taking the time to read it. I wish I actually had words powerful enough to express how grateful I am. If you enjoyed the novel, please leave a review with the bookseller you purchase from and with Google. Leave Your Review Here  

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Please support local booksellers like Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Missouri. Preorder my novel through them by CLICKING HERE! ❤

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