Jason Dean, United States

Brett Biaggio’s novel – The Cursed Jackson Green – was a delight. Very exciting, expertly paced and filled with some rather unexpected surprises. (and I’m not referring to that awesome twist)

Most were the fun, exciting kinds of surprises you hope to discover in a book like this.

Some of the surprises came in the form of moments; discussions and situations that resulted in giving the author a chance to slip in some incredibly insightful ‘social commentary’ and some poignantly deep insight into love and its myriad complications.

But, for me, the biggest surprise is that this is Brett’s first novel. He writes with assurances normally unseen in a debut novelist.

Many kudos, Brett, on your amazing book! Phantasmagorical stuff! Can’t wait to read whatever comes next!

5 out of 5
HIGHLY recommended for EVERYONE, but anyone who likes The Books of Shadows, The Twilight Books, and everything in between will soon have a new favorite series.