PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES has been pulled from print while a sweeping revision of this magical novel is underway. Please avoid and report and booksellers claiming to sell New or Pre-order copies of this novel. There will be a retitling of this novel which will be revealed on Halloween.

“Alan Key once said, ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ I find this to be such an obvious truth, that most of us are at fault for overlooking it. Stop waiting for life and live. Make your reality better than your dreams…” -Tom Frost, Pacific Prep: Tree of Knowledge

My Motivation

Some know that back in 2013, after the loss of my best friend Jessica Jaros Davis, I started writing THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN, which has since become PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES. What most don’t know is that after hitting 91 pages and deciding to dedicate the story to my friend, my mom Denise Zangaro was the very first person to read it. She returned the manuscript with so much red ink that it looked like a murder mystery. Her notes were honest but with love. I’m so grateful for her interest and contribution to my story. How she looked at me, was so encouraging. I’ll never forget it. It’s only right that I list my incredible mom as an editor; after all, she was my first.

Please Leave a Review

I want to thank you for even considering my novel, BLOODLINES, and taking the time to read it. I wish I actually had words powerful enough to express how grateful I am. If you enjoyed the novel, please leave a review with the bookseller you purchase from and with Google.

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No, You Don’t Need to Read ‘THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN,’ First

Sometimes as a writer, you have to rework a story. There is nothing wrong or shameful in doing so. After a long period of reflection, I decided to pull THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN from print and combined it with the sequel into one book. You do not need to read TCJG before reading BLOODLINES.