Here I Come, #FTF2018

I am so excited to experience #FTF2018 with superfans of one of pop-culture’s most iconic book-to-film series, TWILIGHT. Few fandoms demonstrate the timeless loyalty and passion that Twihards do. I will be enjoying this epic event as a “newborn,” with veterans and other newborns attending from around the world. This four-day festival is held in…

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PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES is now available for preorder! Note: This novel is a standalone at this time and doesn’t require THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN to be read first. THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN has been incorporated into this book already and is no longer in print.

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the light

the shadows cover everything that once reflected light what was white is now shades of black and blue land disappears into the sky no light we scramble to find wood a flicker returns shape to what was no more the cover is burned and we can now see what matters  

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Top Thirty Cemeteries in the U.S.A.

Hello, Gravehunters! For centuries we have honored our loved ones through various forms of memorial-markers. Our dearly departed deserve to have their memorials maintained and treated with the utmost respect. Below is my list of the best cemeteries in the U.S. to find tombs and markers that pay tribute in impressively artistic ways. 30. Old…

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My Mom Passed

On June 10, 2018, my best friend in the world, my mom, passed away. She was only 57 and the center of my world. As I try to cope with her physically leaving this world, I will focus my energy on making her proud. She gave her family so much of her heart that it…

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Secrets Kill

After further consideration of the plot, we can safely say that SECRETS KILL is a New Adult Drama. Its secondary genre is LGBTQ+  Drama. More details coming soon. XX Brett

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Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I decided that Pacific Prep (The Cursed Jackson Green) could not remain a private journal of my daydream world, it had to be published and dedicated to Jessica.  I started spending every free moment writing at Barnes & Noble, Castlewood State Park, and Blackburn Park. Writing progressed from a hobby to…

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Pacific Prep High is Jackson Green’s territory and he is looking forward to his senior year. However, his final year at Pacific Prep spirals into a world of danger. He discovers his golden boy days are over and reality exists in the supernatural depths of the unknown.