Get Your Copy of The Cursed Jackson Green

Hello! I am so excited that The Cursed Jackson Green will be available for purchase through many of your favorite booksellers on September 24th. Click the link below to order your copy now! Thank you!  

My Truth, My Writing

Recently I have moved away from writing YA paranormal and began my newest project, SECRETS KILL. I will return to writing THE BLESSED SCOTT O'BRIEN, the sequel in THE PACIFIC PREP SERIES; but for now, I need to allow my mind to explore new writing styles and topics. This project is different than the others; … Continue reading My Truth, My Writing

A Couple Passages from The Cursed Jackson Green

"I will never forget the pain or the emptiness in her bloodshot eyes; the sense of being lost that I felt in that moment has become a permanent part of me, a dark stain on my soul." -Jackson Green, The Cursed Jackson Green "It felt as if Death was lurking about in my soul, searching … Continue reading A Couple Passages from The Cursed Jackson Green