"We rejoice, enjoying the company of family and friends. The music brings us to our feet, under a banner that has given hope to many. The popping sound of firecrackers begins, but this isn't the town square on the 4th of July, this is a church. The rejoicing and music have gone, our friends and … Continue reading WHY?

My Truth, My Writing

Recently I have moved away from writing YA paranormal and began my newest project, SECRETS KILL. I will return to writing THE BLESSED SCOTT O'BRIEN, the sequel in THE PACIFIC PREP SERIES; but for now, I need to allow my mind to explore new writing styles and topics. This project is different than the others; … Continue reading My Truth, My Writing

A Couple Passages from The Cursed Jackson Green

"I will never forget the pain or the emptiness in her bloodshot eyes; the sense of being lost that I felt in that moment has become a permanent part of me, a dark stain on my soul." -Jackson Green, The Cursed Jackson Green "It felt as if Death was lurking about in my soul, searching … Continue reading A Couple Passages from The Cursed Jackson Green