Here I Come, #FTF2018


I am so excited to experience #FTF2018 with superfans of one of pop-culture’s most iconic book-to-film series, TWILIGHT. Few fandoms demonstrate the timeless loyalty and passion that Twihards do. I will be enjoying this epic event as a “newborn,” with veterans and other newborns attending from around the world. This four-day festival is held in Forks, Washington on Bella’s birthday and includes everything from Q & A panels, meet & greets, and dance parties to karaoke, cooking courses, and outdoor adventures.

If you love YA paranormal and are looking for an event to sink your teeth into, look no further than Forever Twilight in Forks. No matter if you are a vampire, a werewolf, or a mere human you are welcome. I hope to see you there!

Visit for more information.

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