NY Literary Magazine

NYLM: Was your story published?

Brett Biaggio: Yes.

NYLM: About your story?

Brett Biaggio: With Pacific Prep High School in the palm of his hand and his best friend by his side, Jackson Green is looking forward to finishing his senior year how he started: on top…but all that seems too much to ask for, as Jackson’s final year at Pacific Prep spirals into a world of danger. He quickly discovers his golden boy days are over and reality exists in the supernatural depths of the unknown.

NYLM: Full story summary?

Brett Biaggio: Jackson Green wakes up in a panic, after having a terrifying nightmare, on the first day of his senior year at Pacific Preparatory High School. He quickly begins to question the events of that morning and if the nightmare was more than just a dream. His life is thrown into a whirlwind of chaos with the introduction of the Rathbone siblings into the picturesque, fishbowl town of Pacific, Missouri.

With the addition of Rebecca Rathbone, Jackson discovers that he is special, his father’s bloodline is a reproductive miracle for Hexe’pirs. This miracle, however, is seen as a threat to many and his family has been hunted. But just when they think they have it figured out, Jackson and Rebecca discover he is also a direct decedent of the Blaidd Clan. The Blaidds are the most powerful and ancient of all the nearly extinct werewolf clans. Once above royalty the Blaidds were betrayed and slaughtered, or so it was thought.

At first sight, Jackson is smitten by the enchanting Rebecca and risks everything to be with her, including friendship and death. At first, Rebecca tried to put safety first, but love would have the last word. She and Jackson fell hard for each other; which would be the beginning of the end of an epic but a shortlived love story.

Jackson’s already chaotic life becomes entrenched in drama and even death when sinister characters come for him and those that he holds dear. He and his beloved Rebecca escape for a time but upon their return to the town of Pacific are torn apart by the death of Rebecca and the child they just learned she was carrying.

Jackson is cursed.

The first novel of the Pacific Prep Series, THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN is much more than a paranormal novel – it touches upon the world’s greatest topics, from the vaults of history to the complexities of love and the reaches of friendship. Its paranormal aspects will hook in readers of beloved and popular series like NIGHTSHADE, THE SECRET CIRCLE, TWILIGHT, and VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

NYLM: Special notes about your story?

Brett Biaggio: What makes The Cursed Jackson Green special is the unique biologies of the supernaturals, and the fact that the story doesn’t end happily for Jackson Green. No creatures are truly immortal. Also unique is that the main characters can die. I wanted my story to flow naturally and allow readers to experience a paranormal story in a realistic way. In life, people die, and the ending isn’t always happy, this is true for Jackson Green as well.

NYLM: Main character highlights?

Brett Biaggio: Jackson Green is fake, not in a negative way, but as a way to get through the struggle that is high school. He has to wear a mask to hid his shattered heart from his friend and family. Being the top dog at Pacific Preparatory High School isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. After the tragic death of his father, Jackson learned how to put on a smile and act like everything is okay, but the reality is that life will never be that simple.

After the Rathbones enter Jackson’s life, he learns that he is descended from two ancient bloodlines that have long been hunted for centuries. His blood not only allows Hexe’pirs to give birth to multiple children but he is also a Blaidd. The Blaidd bloodline is that of the most powerful werewolf clans of all time and was thought to have died off in the 1500s in England. Now everything he has ever known has come into question and just when he thinks he has found happiness it is all torn from him. It ends badly for Jackson; he is cursed.

NYLM: Does Your Story Contain Violence, Profanity, Sexuality or Terrifying Scenes?

Brett Biaggio: PG-13 style action violence, death, and sexual activity. Very little profanity but there are a few scenes that are suggestive of sexual activity.

NYLM: About you?

Brett Biaggio: Always a passionate reader and storyteller, I began writing The Pacific Prep Series in 2013 after my best friend passed away. As I struggled to cope with the death of my friend, this story emerged from the grief, and with that parts of my experiences and emotions are imprinted on the characters you’ll journey with.

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